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Just a few of our many new beginnings.....

2019 thru Present
February, 2019

He fit in so well at his foster home after being pulled from a shelter just as his time was up, his foster family decided they needed to give him a forever home. He is a total love and is already very spoiled.
March, 2019

He was found running the streets at 8 weeks old and after a lot of care and TLC grew was ready for adoption. Today he's sleeping in bed with his family and not on the streets.
May, 2019

Drogo and his 3 doggy buddies
April, 2019

Sabrina is happy in her new home.
December 2020

Elias sleeps with his new doggie brother.
December 2020

Wizard living the dream on the Jersey shore with his new family.
January 2021

JD and his new mom are the perfect match.
January 2021

Maestro and his new adopter.
February 2021

Magic, a 2 year old orange & white Persian mix, is moving downtown
March 2021

Virginia came from a TNR situation. She is a very sweet, loving, tripod cat. Her new family has another tripod so she'll fit in very well. 
April 2021

Loki is settling in with his new sister.
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Posted:  February 2022

Myka was pulled from a local shelter 2021 along with her kittens. We found homes for her kittens and now she is happily in a new home.

An update from Myka's adopter:

Myka adapted very quickly to my home and exiting cat occupant, Jubi. Myka was amazed to learn that she could have pets and love anytime she wants. She enjoys laying by the fireplace, running wildly all over the house, has toys spread out everywhere and sometimes chases Jubi. She’s feeling more and more at home every day and she’s such a sweet joy to be around.

Thanks so much for helping her find her way into my home and heart
February 2022

Blossom, a beautiful 6-year-old cat was pulled from a local shelter. She doesn't care for other cats and is very selective with humans, so it took a while to find her perfect match. She was adopted in early February after being spotted on our website and is thriving in her new home. She has been sleeping with her new dad, Alex since the first night she went home and by all accounts has the energy of a kitten. What a perfect Valentine's match.
April 2022

Dexter a 2-year-old sweet Labradoodle that was found roaming as a stray was adopted. In his new home, he will have a sister dog to play with as well as 2 kids to spoil him.