Sophie is one of our sanctuary pets. Rescued from the streets with her two young puppies, Sophie was already in heart failure from advanced heartworm disease. She was expected to only live about 6 she is 4 yrs later...she loves her life with her foster family.
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Smart Rescue maintains a small sanctuary for those cats that are unable to be adopted out due to medical conditions or socialization problems. On the average, it costs $30 a month to provide food, litter, medical care and utilities for each animal that lives there.

Sponsorships - As you can see, we are very fond of our "santuary" animals. and we are hoping that one of these special animals have touched your heart. Please contact Smart Rescue if you would like more information about them or sponsorship opportunities.
Jiggy is a CH (Cerebral Hypoplasia) kitten. His mom had distemper when she was pregnant with the litter and Jiggy was the only kitten severely affected from CH. He walks like a funny and falls over occasionally but he is happy. We just found out that he has severe stomatitis that needs ongoing care and may need to have all teeth removed.
Meg is a sanctuary dog having been surrendered to SMART Rescue for behavioral issues. Meg is at least 14 yrs old and is going blind and deaf. Meg does not let that get her down and is is downright spunky for a "golden" girl.